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Welcome to Appfast Studio - The Fastest and Simplest way to create, design, and operate your website and mobile apps without coding or design skill.

With Appfast Studio, you are able to design a great-looking app by yourself, upload images directly from your photo library and select from a wide range of text, media or design elements. Moreover, by using Plugins and blocks, you can add more functionality to your project

Create an app only in four steps

#1 Choose a template

Choose from stunning templates specifically designed to have a good-looking, professional with mobile and tablet responsive design.

#2 Choose colors scheme

Pick your favorite trendy colors and theme for your app.

#3 Generate app name

You can create a cool app name idea and then your app will be completed in 60 seconds by Appfast Studio.

#4 Review and customize

Customizing your app-looking with brand colors, logos, banner images, and display pictures. By using Plugins, you can start a blog, offer services, or create an online store and events.

Appfast Studio provides a library of plugins that you can select and install into your app. Each plugin can be a special feature like E-commerce, Loyalty Program, or integrations with Youtube, Facebook fan page and so on.

Especially, Appfast's Builder Cloud will build a standalone app following your request with certificate key. Then, the system will send a download link to the file via your registered email . You can use this file to submit your app to the App Store with your Apple developer account.